What is social security in France?


Social security reimburses international students for their health costs.  When studying in France, students from the EEA are covered by social security from their home country.  Students from other country must subscribe to French student social security.  The cost in 2010-2011 was 200 €.  You will have to register and pay the fees when doing your administrative enrolment at university.  Then you will receive the carte vitale.


With social security, do I must buy a complementary insurance?


Yes.  The social security is refunding health expenses from 60 to 100%.  Thus you must buy a complementary insurance called Mutuelle at low cost for good cover.  The Mutuelle refunds on top of amount refunded by social security.  It is around 560 € / year.


The most renowned are LMDE (www.lmde.com)  (La Mutuelle des Etudiants) and USEM, regionals mutuelles (www.usem.fr)