Students applying for admission (DAP = Demande d’admission préalable), into the first or second year of the bachelor’s program, must write a language test (Test de connaissance du français pour les DAP-TCF DAP). Level B2 (advanced intermediate) is the required level.

 In other cases, level B2 is also generally required. However, this requirement can vary, depending on the program and the university. A lower level, level B1 (intermediate) may be sufficient, or conversely, a higher level, C1 (advanced) may be required. In order to pass the French language test, students must meet the requirements outlined by each establishment. Students can consult with the CampusFrance advisor regarding this issue.

 In addition to the TCF (the French language test), DELF B2 (diplôme d’enseignement de la langue française) is also accepted by the higher education establishments.

 Language levels (A1 to C2) are set out in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL), a document published by the European Council, which defines fluency levels of a foreign language. These levels serve as the reference point in the fields of learning and language teaching.