Is the French grading system the same as the Canadian system?


No, the grading system is absolute in France, while in Canada it is relative to the class average grade.

 French exams are graded out of 20. In exams other than entrance exams, the passing grade is 10. A hierarchical system of distinctions exists in the French education system: pass (“passable”), acceptable (“assez bien”), good (“bien”), very good (“très bien”).

 There are also differences in the weight of the grades: for work of equivalent size, grades are higher in Canada. For example, a grade of 14/20 can be considered as a good or even a very good result. It is very rare to receive the equivalent of 80 or 95%.

 For information purposes only, the following is the table of equivalence between the Grade Point Average (GPA) and the French grading system. (Source: McGill University, Montreal)

Grade20 points scaleDescriptionGrade point
A16-20Très bien4.0
B+13-13.9Assez bien3.3
B12-12.9Assez bien3.0