Am I required to follow administrative procedures in France as well?


Yes. Depending on the type of visa, different procedures are possible.

 Young Canadians who are holders of a visa issued through a youth mobility agreement signed in 2003 (including 2B visas for exchange students and 2C visas for interns) are not required to complete any procedures if the length of their stay in France is less than 6 months.

 In the case where the length of stay is longer than 6 months, young Canadians participating in a youth mobility program must go to a Prefecture in their area of residence in order to obtain a temporary residence permit. This administrative procedure must be completed in the first month after arriving in France.

 Students who are holders of a long-stay student visa (not part of a mobility agreement) are holders of a visa that is an equivalent to the residence permit (VLS-TS) which allows them to stay in France longer than 3 months. Once in France, students must validate their visa (VLS-TS) with the officials at the OFII offices (Office français de l’immigration et de l’intégration).

 For stays longer than 6 months, researchers must obtain a long-stay visa which requires them to apply for a residence card from the Prefecture in their area of residence.

 Since application procedures differ slightly depending on the type of visa, the consulate gives instructions at the time when the visa is issued.