In which schools/institutions can students study French in France?

 A number of different establishments have French language programs in France. There are language schools affiliated with universities, the Alliance Française network and private language schools.

 How can students choose their language school?

 In addition to the location of the schools and the offered programs, schools must have a seal of quality: “Qualité français langue étrangère.”

The catalogue of the FLE centres is available online at the following address:

 How much do these types of programs cost?

 Depending on the programs and options, the cost of language courses ranges widely. For example, the fees could range from 500 euros to 2,500 euros per trimester.

 Can students transfer credits from a language school to a Canadian university?

 No, generally, the transfer of credits between an FLE (Français langue étrangère) school and a Canadian university is usually not possible.

Transfers of credits are not possible between Alliance Française and a Canadian university.

Students should consult with an academic advisor to get more information on this topic.

 Can students write a language test or exam?

 Yes, most FLE schools administer a number of tests (for example, TCF) and diplomas (for example, DELF/DALF). Tests are valid for a limited time period (for example, 2 years for the TCF), while diplomas are acquired for life.