Yes, regardless of the program the student wishes to register for, the entrance into programs of study is selective in order to guarantee high levels of standard.

 Selection is based on the applicant’s background (for example, entrance into university) for bachelor’s, with the possibility of an interview (for example, for entrance into the 2nd year of the master’s program). Entrance into doctoral schools involves a selection based on the student’s academic file and his/her capacity to conduct a research project.

 The grandes écoles recruit on the basis of an entrance examination. In order to join these schools, students may need to take preparatory classes for the grandes écoles (preparatory classes for economics, business, literature or sciences) for two or three years before applying to a grande école. Students should note that the level of teaching in preparatory courses is intensive. The grandes écoles, specifically engineering schools, are usually grouped together and use banks of shared exams for their entrance exams. In this way, for example, the GEIPI-Polytech group consists of 25 grandes écoles for a total of 2 000 placements.

 Some programs limit the number of students through the use of quotas, as is the case for medical studies for example. At the end of the first year, students in medical studies write an entrance examination which then serves as the basis for selection.