Do you want to apply for an admission to architecture school in France? The Preliminary Application for Admission, DAP procedure is mandatory. The application deadline is January 22. Those who submitted their application prior to this date must carry out the following actions:

When do I apply?

You want to apply for a pre-registration to architecture school in France?  The Preliminary Application for Admission is mandatory (Dap jaune procedure).  The application deadline is January 22.

The deposit fo the application (dap procedure) to a Campus France representative is between November 15 and January 22.

You want to register in a school of architecture for one of the following degrees:

  • Diplôme d'études en architecture (License level)
  • Diplôme d'Etat d'architecte (master’s level)
  • Habilitation à l'exercice de la maîtrise d'ouvrage en son propre nom (HMONP – allows architects to practice independently)

Please note that applications for the degrees listed below, which are also offered by architecture schools, are not covered by the DAP procedure:

  • Diplôme propre aux écoles d'architecture (DPEA)
  • Diplôme de paysagiste (landscape architecture degree)
  • Diplôme de spécialisation et d'approfondissement en architecture (DSAA)
  • Master professionnel et de recherche des Ecoles Nationales (without the diplôme d'État d'architecte)

To apply for these degrees, you must communicate directly with the architecture school of your choice.

How do I apply ?

1) Download and print the DAP jaune admission form (demande d'admission préalable architecture) at the bottom of the page

2) Fill out the DAP form. The DAP jaune procedure allows you to select two universities that you must rank in order of preference

3) Contact your Campus France representative for an interview in order to hand in your application and supporting documentation

Pass the TCF-DAP

After you’ve completed the registration and chosen a session, you must pass the TCF-DAP (68 euros + fees of the center). Please arrive at the test with your summons, a black ballpoint pen and a piece of identification. To check which sessions are offered in Canada, click here.

Replies from schools

Replies from both architecture schools will be mailed to you directly by the end of June. 

Visa application

The long stay visa (Visa de Long Séjour valant Titre de Séjour or VLS-TS) allows you to stay in France for more than 3 months. This visa exempts you to seeking a residence permit (’’carte de séjour’’) at the police headquarters (’’Préfecture’’). Upon arrival in France, you will have to validate your VLS-TS at the OFII.

Once in France

The Immigration Officer at the port of entry will ask for your passport (visa), make sure they will stamps your passport with the date of entry in France.

From your arrival you have to contact the French Office of Immigration and Integration ( OFII) to have a medical examination and giving to your visa " value of residence permit "

OFII procedure

Upon your arrival in France, send by registered post with a requested return receipt ("Recommandé avec accusé de réception) to the territorial authorities of the "OFII" relevant for your area of residency in France (the location are mentioned on the back of the OFII form):

  The OFII form

  Attach to the original form all the following photocopies: your passport pages containing information regarding your identity and passport validity the stamp from the French immigration officer, showing the date of your coming through the relevant border, and the visa issued to you at the French Consulate.

A receipt confirming that your file has been received ("Attestation de dépôt de dossier") will be sent to you. This temporary document will enable you to prove the legality of your stay in France while waiting for your file to be fully validated by the "OFII".

You will receive a letter for the medical examination. On the day of the medical examination, you will have to pay the fee prior to obtain a resident permit "Titre de séjour". Once these formalities have been completed, your will be allowed to stay in France for the entire validity of your French visa