Conférence « L'écologie du paysage » à Ottawa avec l'architecte Edouard François
October 24th at 6pm
National Gallery of Ottawa

As part as the Vis-à-vis Architecture series, the French architect Edouard François will come to
foster a dialogue around the theme of Landscape Ecology, on October 24th, 2011 at 6pm at the
National Gallery in Ottawa.
Open to the public, this discussion will be moderated by Roger Connah, associate director for graduate studies at the Azrieli School of Architecture & urbanism, with the participation of the architect John Cook as well as Benoît Lagacé, architecture student and specialist of Edouard François's works. Elected International fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architect in 2011, Edouard François pionneered in integrating natural elements in his works -Tower Flower, Eden Bio, Hotel Fouquet's-Barrière.
On October 24th, he will question European ecological practices in terms of architecture, a tradition
which according to him consists in « in sparing it, in disturbing as little as possible, in using it
discretely». He will compare it to the Canadian context drastically different « where virgin and infinite
landscapes are literally still waiting to be discovered».
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Free admission

Coordinated by the French Embassy in Ottawa and the Institut Français, along with the Azrieli School of Architecture & urbanism.
Sponsored by AZURE Magazine

National Gallery
380 Sussex Drive
K1A 0G8