Doing one part of your studies in Canada and another in France as part of a double or joint degree program is sure to be one of the richest, most well-rounded and valuable experiences abroad that you can imagine.

In contrast to a traditional exchange program, when you are completing a double / joint degree program, you are registered at the same time with both a Canadian and a French university. Upon graduation, you receive either a diploma from each university (“double degree”) or a single diploma issued by both universities (“joint degree”).


The advantages of the double / joint degree programs include:  

-          A truly international curriculum, defined in partnership with the two universities;

-          Access to high-quality education in two different countries;

-          Different and complementary education approaches: different pedagogy, analytical skills, and problem solving approaches;

-          A truly international recognition of your education, thanks to a double / joint degree;

-          An asset that will set you apart from the others on the employment market

-          Not only excellent academic experience, but also highly valuable cultural, linguistic and personal experience


Some examples of the double / joint degree programs offered by some French and Canadian universities:


-          Double degree in Law (“Theory of Law,” “Private Law and Criminal Sciences,” “Union Constitutional and Administrative Law,” “International Law, European Law and Foreign Laws”) University of Ottawa / Université Paris 10

-          Dual certification in French as a Second Language – Simon Fraser University / Université de Tours.

-          Double diploma in Master’s in Public Administration - York University (Glendon College) / Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Strasbourg

-          Master of Science in International Business / Master in Global Management – HEC / Queen’s University

-         Dual certification program between the University François Rabelais of Tours and Simon Fraser University in Vancouver (This program allows students French and Canadian validate a M1 or M2 Fle French (Tours) and, jointly, the program vocational training in the teaching of French second language (in Vancouver).


Joint PhD Program or Thesis Cotutelle


Doctoral students also have the opportunity to enroll in an international program and to earn, upon their thesis defence, a double degree or a joint degree for a PhD program.

Doctoral students registered in a “Cotutelle” program are registered with a Canadian university as well as with a French university. They work under the supervision of two thesis directors and alternate between semesters spent in Canada and in France. Thesis defence takes place before a single jury and the doctoral student obtains either a double degree or a joint degree.


This framework allows PhD students to enrich their research work thanks to a wider access to different scientific and often complementary approaches as well as a greater variety of resources (documentation, scientific equipment).


A joint PhD thesis allows the researcher, from the start, to build an international network of contacts which will be of great value during his/her entire career.


Special funding is available for Canadian students registered in a joint PhD (cotutelle) program with France:

For cotutelles Quebec/France

For cotutelles Canada (excluding Quebec) / France



It is NOT mandatory for students to be fluent in French in order to complete a joint PhD degree at a French university. Students have the option of writing and defending their thesis in English (a summary in French is required in this case).

Conducting a part of your research in France is an excellent way to improve your French!



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