French Higher Education offers 3 categories of studies:


  • 83 universities (70% of the students)
  • Are public and open to everyone (undergraduate), with stage exams throughout the duration of the courses
  • Masters Degrees offer a very high level Education
  • Lead to internationally recognized qualifications (licence, master’s and PhD) and European degrees
  • Offer various types of programs (short, long, vocational and long-live education) in many different areas (including law, economics, management, administration, literature, languages, arts, social sciences, health, technology and more)
  • Are centres of excellence for French research

"Grandes écoles"

  • Grandes Ecoles, a very selective system
  • These include schools of engineering, business, management, political sciences and administration
  • 224 Engineering schools
  • 220 Business and management schools
  • Admission is via a competitive examination after two years of classe préparatoire or on the basis of exam results (with stage exams)

Specialized schools and institutes

  • 120 Art schools, 20 architecture schools, 3 000 specialized schools and institutes
  • These offer training in specific areas such as the architecture, culinary,  journalism, radio and television, social services and more
  • Students are awarded State diplomas or the institute’s own diplomas/certificates