Writing exam in Canada when studying by correspondance in France

If you have enrolled in distance education through a French university, you will want to take your exams in Canada.

The French Consulates, in addition to the French Embassy (areas where CampusFrance operates) are not permitted to host supervised exams.

However, the network of Alliances Françaises in Canada, whose branches function legally as Canadian institutions, is able to supervise your exam on behalf of organizations and under certain conditions.

Candidates must register with the Alliance Française nearest to them as soon as they know the dates and conditions of their exams.

The following fees for application processing and examinations apply to each candidate, including:

-   It can be up to 250$ per academic session and per candidate depending of the Alliances Françaises, for applying (includes administrative fees, telephone calls, emails, photocopies, mailing of copies) to have a delocalized exam centre opened. The fees are to be paid at the time of application and are non-refundable

- It can be up to $25 (depending of the Alliances Françaises): Supervision fee, per hour and per candidate. This fee must also be paid when applying to have a delocalized exam centre opened and is non-refundable.

Lastly, the exams must take place during Alliance Française business hours and will not be subject to efforts to synchronize with exams in France.


Alliances Françaises in Canada


Alliance Française of Ottawa

352 MacLaren St.

Ottawa, ON K2P 0M6




Alliance Française of Winnipeg

934 Corydon Ave.

Winnipeg, MB R3M 0Y5




Alliance Française of Vancouver

6161 Cambie St.

Vancouver, BC V5Z 3B2

1-604-327-0201 ext. 229



Alliance Française of Moncton

236 St. George St., Suite 210

Moncton, NB E1C 1W1




Alliance Française of Halifax

5509 Young St.

Halifax, NS B3K 1Z7




Alliance Française of Edmonton

10424 123 St. NW

Edmonton, AB T5N 1N7




Alliance Française of Toronto

24 Spadina Rd.

Toronto, ON M5R 2S7

1-416-922-2014 ext. 27



Alliance Française of Calgary

Herald Building, #200

206 - 7 Ave. SW

Calgary, AB T2P 0R2