How to register to a French Institution

 France gives you numerous opportunities to study in worldwide renowned institutions and to obtain a high quality degree that is recognized by the State and by international accreditations such as EQUIS or AACSB.A French degree gives you equivalent ratings of qualification in all Europe thanks to ECTS (European Credits Transfer System) which was introduced by the Bologna Process. It allows you to continue with your studies in one or more of the 29 European countries which signed the declaration. Graduating with a French degree can enhance your employability everywhere in the world.

There are many different institutions where you can obtain a French degree:                  

  • French universities offer you a broad range of programs in all disciplines and the opportunity to graduate at different undergraduate and graduate levels:

Ø      It takes 2 years of post-secondary studies at the University Institute of Technology to get an undergraduate technical diploma called a Diplôme universitaire de technologie or DUT which is a short professional qualification in the industry or in the tertiary sector.

Ø      It takes one more year after the DUT to obtain a professional licence, which is  one of the best ways to quickly enter the job market, in whatever field.

Ø      It takes 3 years to obtain a Licence. If you want to apply for enrolment in 1st or 2nd year, you have to follow this procedure.

Ø      It takes 2 years after the Licence to get a Master’s degree. You have to visit the web site of the institution of your choice to know how to apply.

Ø      If you have a passion for research, you can continue with a PhD after your Master’s. You will alternate research and studies in a high-quality study program. To register, you first have to get in touch with your thesis advisor in France before contacting CampusFrance to apply for enrolment.

You all are scholarship students!

Thanks to French Government’s major financial aid, university students benefit from a partial exemption of scholar fees, whether you are French or not.

While the real cost of your studies is approximately $10,000 a year, you only have to pay: 

184 euros a year for a Licence’s degree

256 euros a year for a Master’s degree

391 euros a year for a PhD


  • In a Grande Ecole, you can obtain a number of different degrees such as a Licence, a Bachelor’s, a Master’s, a specizalized Master’s or a Master’s in Business Administration. In order to do so, you have to follow the international undergraduate admission regulations of the school at which you choose to study.
  • If you choose a French Language centre, you will be able to obtain a Diploma of Studies in French language or a Diploma of Avanced Studies in French language. You simply have to register in an official centre either in France or abroad.
  • In an Arts or Architecture School or a specialized school (gastronomy, hospitality, fashion…), you can obtain an internationally recognized degree in 2 or 5 years. You have to follow the international undergraduate admission regulations of the school at which you choose to study.