• erasmus mundus
    Erasmus Mundus is a higher education program created by the European Union with the goal of mutual enrichment for European and non-EU students through the exchange of people, knowledge and skills.
  • For the past 20 years, digital technologies – computer graphics, CGI, 3D animation and their related fields – have been widely introduced into post-secondary education.
  • master in France
    Master, Specialized Master, MSc, MBA: Understanding the different French programs
  • International joint PhD programs (cotutelle de thèse) is a mechanism that promotes mobility among doctoral candidates while encouraging scientific cooperation between French and foreign research teams.
  • The preliminary admission is mandatory for foreign students: • graduates of foreign High school, • applying for first registration in the first degree (first or second year of the license) or who are candidates for a national diploma requires the possession of the baccalaureate. This procedure is called APPLICATION DAP
  • Le secteur, 1er employeur privé en France avec 400 000 personnes (presque 50% de cadres)
  • Management
    Management education is an area of excellence in the French postsecondary system.
  • eolienne
    Mentioned for the first time in a 1987 report prepared by the World Commission on Environment and Development, the concept of sustainable development is defended by a variety of players: international and supranational bodies, civil society, public authorities and businesses. This extremely broad notion, aimed at meeting present needs without compromising the survival of future generations, touches on economics, public and private management, environmental protection, health, education, agriculture, tourism and international development, among others.
  • L'eau
    Of more than 250 different programs, many train professionals and specialists in the collection, purification, supply, and treatment of water for household, agricultural, and industrial use.